The last time I blogged was last summer. Full of motivation to get fit, to lose weight…

I did nothing. Nothing but eat more, and more. And more.

For 3 more months.

Then, on September 7, 2024, I went in for my regular physical with my doctor. I stepped on the scale and the number smacked me square in the face.

270 pounds?

It literally felt like someone had physically hit me. I walked out of there and swore to myself that this time was going to be different.

I went online and read about weight loss for men over 50, and watched YouTube video after YouTube video of ‘fitfluencers’ and weight-loss doctors. Then from there, I formulated my own plan.

I figured out what BMI says my weight should be for my height and age and then, based on that, I set a target goal weight. I then used an online TDEE calculator to figure out how many calories a day this mega-chonky boi needed to shove in his pie hole just to maintain that chonk. Then based on my goal weight, I decided how many calories a day I was going to limit myself to: 1670 calories.

I bought a kitchen scale to weigh my food and I installed the myfitnesspal app to my phone – becoming obsessed with tracking every single morsel of food or drink that passed through my lips. Every single thing I ate and drank was carefully weighed and/or measured, and entered into the app before it entered my mouth. Every thing. I knew EXACTLY how many calories I was taking in every day. My food plan was simple. Repetitive yes, but tasty and simple.

I also bought a membership at Planet Fitness. I got the gym’s fitness trainer to put together a 3 day per week strength training and core workout plan. I forced myself to stick with it and quickly became obsessed with not missing a day for anything.

I soon added treadmill time to my workouts, starting with leisurely 20-minute walks at the end of my workout, then soon upped it to a quicker-paced 30 minutes. After a few weeks, I decided to go to the gym 7 days a week for an hour of 10,000 steps on the treadmill and 100 ab crunches everyday, on top of my 3 days a week of weight lifting.

Long story short…

I did it. I am proud to say that I have now successfully smashed my weight loss goal – from 270 pounds in September to 190 pounds as of March 2024. That’s 80 pounds LOST in 6.5 months.

Today, my weight fluctuates day to day anywhere between 187 and 192 depending. Now it is about sensibly maintaining the new habits I’ve cultivated for the rest of my life.

I also promise to NEVER again post a pic like the last one in this post ????.