Holy crap! We can’t believe it but Powerslave has been nominated for “Best Cover Band” in Planet S Magazine’s Best of Saskatoon 2021!

Thanks SO MUCH to the folks who wrote us in during the nomination process, and please if you’re so inclined, follow the link below and give us your vote


Don’t forget to also vote for all of your other favorites too!

I cannot express enough what an absolute joy it to play in this band, to play so many kick-ass songs standing side-by-side with such great players who are also great friends:

  • Chris Smith (also of Men Without Shame) on guitar,
  • Kevin Sick (also of Screamer and Back to the 80’s) on drums, and
  • our new compatriot, Johnny Sinclair (of Canadian chart-toppersThe Pursuit of Happiness) on bass.

With Powerslave, it’s back to the pure fun of playing music again on stage. No tracks, no drama, just FUN!

Thank you so much for voting for us (and even if ya didn’t, that’s cool too)!